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The Shortcoming of Traditional Laser

As the next generation of display technology, laser display is also subject to the scientific and technological community, the business community of common concern. Compared with the traditional display technology, laser display from the high brightness, clarity, color gamut, color saturation, life and other aspects have a leading edge, highly industrial prospects; many Chinese companies have set off a green laser pointer TV hot, related products Has been listed. From the root, white light laser light source research and development, is the fundamental premise of white laser applications.

The laser is produced by the expansion of the stimulated emission, with good monochromaticity, spatial coherence and temporal coherence, good directionality and high brightness. These four characteristics of the laser show that the laser has a high coherent light intensity in a large coherent volume. Coherence is an important feature of the laser. Conventional laser and white laser, we exclude monochrome (because the white light is not monochromatic), all the laser must have good coherence, direction and high brightness characteristics, can be called laser.

red laser pointer

John Ballato focuses on the improvement of light performance, he is looking for fiber materials that will not reduce the blue laser pointer. Has been manufactured to meet the basic performance requirements of the fiber, follow-up will continue to optimize to meet the next generation of high-power laser system requirements. And Lin Zhu is more focused on improving the efficiency of laser pumping, and thus create a strong direction of the laser beam. Although their projects are carried out separately, but for the laser power boost are actively trying. This will also promote the application of high-power lasers, whether in the military or in the industrial sector.

In addition to the above methods, photonic crystal fiber white light lasers can also produce high-power, broadband and ultra continuous white light lasers. Its white light laser is mainly used in the field of photocurrent microscopy, nano photonics, fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, super-resolution imaging, optical coherence tomography and many other fields. The characteristics of traditional laser not with white light laser, the shortcoming of traditional laser; change and development of white light laser source can bring more fields, and produce new scientific fields, as well as new applications; therefore, it will inevitably become the object of many scientists of the chase.

Due to the laser generated laser restrictions, resulting in a good 10000mw laser monochrome characteristics, but it has become a laser in the field of application of the short board; laser can not produce any wavelength of the laser, can not produce supercontinuum, ultra-wideband laser The In the field of laser applications, people have different requirements for the frequency (or wavelength) of the laser, and this time with the help of nonlinear crystals. But many bands of laser still can not be created.

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