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The Highlight of 3D Laser Cutting

Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine consists of a dedicated fiber laser cutting head, high-precision capacitive tracking system, fiber laser and industrial robot system, the different thickness of the metal plate multi-angle, multi-directional flexible cutting advanced cutting equipment. High flexibility, especially for small quantities of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting; to ensure cutting quality, making cutting more convenient and easier to operate; configuration intelligent robot, enabling three-dimensional cutting, easy operation, high intelligence, to ensure the equipment High speed, high precision, high reliability.

Material Scope: Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, nickel-titanium alloy, Inconel, aluminum, aluminum, titanium, copper and other metal materials. Industry Applications: Three-dimensional high power laser cutting machine is widely used in aerospace, automotive steamship, machinery manufacturing, metal processing services and other manufacturing industries. The automobile industry is widely used. Sheet metal covers for automobile parts include the cover, the rear lid box, the water tank shelf, the bumper, the fender, the door and the ingot beam of the chassis part, the control arm, the rear axle and the like.

Laser processing as an advanced material cutting method, has been increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers. With the continuous improvement of computer control technology and optical technology, people are expecting more and more for their processing ability. This expectation is not only an expectation of being able to cut, but also of cutting well and cutting fast. Of course, can give the answer can not do without the performance of the processing machine, while being processed material merits also have a direct impact on results.

red laser

With laser processing as the main cutting tool is accepted, 25mm below the ordinary steel laser professional materials as a standard material. Cutting section improvement program An important factor for the improvement of the cutting section of carbon steel is the control of the heat input to the sheet and sufficient combustion of the laser irradiated portion. Glossy cutting technology is the result of improved vibrators and nozzles. Program to ensure the stability of processing currently in order to improve the operating speed of the machine, the laser machine commonly used flight structure commonly known as the light, that is, the material tray does not move the processing head in the entire machining area in the form of movement. In order to compensate for the change of the relative position of the processing head and the light source, various manufacturers also try to ensure the consistency of the light spot within the processing range as much as possible. The use of the variable curvature refracting mirror is a universal choice.

The mechanical structure incorporates an imported manipulator, a six-axis linkage and a green laser pointer beam guide fully integrated in the robot arm, combining the advantages of a stable laser with a moving robot arm. Which can realize the processing of arbitrary curve and specific curve in three-dimensional space, convenient operation and control, high degree of intelligence, greatly reduced cycle time, and guaranteed high running speed, high precision and high reliability of the device.

Three-dimensional laser cutting with professional motion control software to ensure cutting quality, to ensure stable operation of the device to make cutting easier and easier to operate; precision high-quality laser cutting head and servo system responsive, cutting precision, and manipulator effectively cooperate to avoid the cutting head Collision with the processing of plates, and to ensure that the focus of cutting position, to ensure the quality of cutting stability.

Industrial robots + fiber burning laser + man-machine console combination of processing, the processing technology completed at one time, incision neat without the need for reprocessing process, greatly reducing the process, reducing labor costs and mold costs of inputs, but also improve the product Grade and value added. Industrial robots greatly reduce the cost of the system cost, reduce power system costs and system operation and maintenance costs, reducing the system's footprint.

Publié à 12:40, le 14/12/2017, Qinghai Sheng
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The Shortcoming of Traditional Laser

As the next generation of display technology, laser display is also subject to the scientific and technological community, the business community of common concern. Compared with the traditional display technology, laser display from the high brightness, clarity, color gamut, color saturation, life and other aspects have a leading edge, highly industrial prospects; many Chinese companies have set off a green laser pointer TV hot, related products Has been listed. From the root, white light laser light source research and development, is the fundamental premise of white laser applications.

The laser is produced by the expansion of the stimulated emission, with good monochromaticity, spatial coherence and temporal coherence, good directionality and high brightness. These four characteristics of the laser show that the laser has a high coherent light intensity in a large coherent volume. Coherence is an important feature of the laser. Conventional laser and white laser, we exclude monochrome (because the white light is not monochromatic), all the laser must have good coherence, direction and high brightness characteristics, can be called laser.

red laser pointer

John Ballato focuses on the improvement of light performance, he is looking for fiber materials that will not reduce the blue laser pointer. Has been manufactured to meet the basic performance requirements of the fiber, follow-up will continue to optimize to meet the next generation of high-power laser system requirements. And Lin Zhu is more focused on improving the efficiency of laser pumping, and thus create a strong direction of the laser beam. Although their projects are carried out separately, but for the laser power boost are actively trying. This will also promote the application of high-power lasers, whether in the military or in the industrial sector.

In addition to the above methods, photonic crystal fiber white light lasers can also produce high-power, broadband and ultra continuous white light lasers. Its white light laser is mainly used in the field of photocurrent microscopy, nano photonics, fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, super-resolution imaging, optical coherence tomography and many other fields. The characteristics of traditional laser not with white light laser, the shortcoming of traditional laser; change and development of white light laser source can bring more fields, and produce new scientific fields, as well as new applications; therefore, it will inevitably become the object of many scientists of the chase.

Due to the laser generated laser restrictions, resulting in a good 10000mw laser monochrome characteristics, but it has become a laser in the field of application of the short board; laser can not produce any wavelength of the laser, can not produce supercontinuum, ultra-wideband laser The In the field of laser applications, people have different requirements for the frequency (or wavelength) of the laser, and this time with the help of nonlinear crystals. But many bands of laser still can not be created.

Publié à 08:57, le 23/08/2017, Shanghai
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The Development and Characteristics of Lasers in Laser Particle Sizer

The laser particle size analyzer is an instrument for analyzing the particle size by the spatial distribution (scattering spectrum) of the diffracted or scattered light of the particles. According to the stability of the energy spectrum, it is classified into a static light scattering particle size analyzer and a dynamic light scattering green laser pointer particle size meter. As we all know, laser particle size analyzer is an optical measuring instruments, lasers, detectors is one of the important components, is an important optical components. Currently, there are two types of lasers: one for the last century 60's application of gas lasers - helium-neon laser, one is since the 80s of last century began to develop, so far technology breakthroughs in solid-state lasers.

Laser Pointer

With the development of the times and the advance of technology, the optical components in the laser particle sizer will be replaced by more promising components with more advanced technology content. If we judge things with solidified thinking, it will be biased. In other words, when we think good things, to today may have been greatly behind, and technological progress, and our understanding of the need to follow up. The following is to explore the 50mw laser pointer particle size analyzer among the "laser" type, development and characteristics, in order to give the purchase of laser particle size analyzer to provide a little effective help.

Semiconductor lasers, also known as laser diodes (LD), is the twentieth century eighties semiconductor physics one of the latest achievements. The advantage of the conductor laser is small volume, light weight, high reliability, long life, low power consumption, in addition to semiconductor lasers are low voltage constant current power supply, low power failure rate, the use of safety, low maintenance costs. So the application field is expanding day by day. At present, the number of semiconductor burning laser pointer in the first use of all lasers, some important applications in the past, other commonly used lasers, semiconductor lasers have been gradually replaced. Its application areas include optical storage, laser printing, laser phototypesetting, laser ranging, bar code scanning, industrial detection, test and measurement equipment, laser display, medical equipment, military, security, field detection, Laser level and a variety of marking line positioning.

Previously, the disadvantage of semiconductor lasers is that the laser performance is affected by temperature and the beam divergence angle is large (usually between several degrees to 20 degrees), so it is poor in directionality, monochromaticity and coherence. But with the rapid development of science and technology, the current performance of semiconductor lasers has reached a high level, and the beam quality has also been greatly improved. The semiconductor optoelectronic technology with the semiconductor laser as the core will make greater progress and play a greater role in the information society of the 21st century.

In gas lasers, the most common are helium-neon lasers. 1960 in the United States Bell laboratory by the Iranian physicist Jia Wan made. Because of the beam directionality and monochromaticity of the beam emitted by helium-neon 100mw laser pointer, the beam divergence angle is small, can work continuously, so this kind of lasers are widely used, is one of the most widely used lasers, mainly used in holographic Precision measurement, alignment positioning.

He-Ne laser shortcomings are bulky, start and run high voltage, power supply complex, high maintenance costs.

Publié à 08:29, le 3/01/2017, Inde
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Scientists Have Developed Laser Traps to Capture Bacteria

Until recently, if scientists wanted to study blood cells, algae or bacteria under a microscope, they had to mount the cells on a substrate such as glass. Physicists at the University of Bielefeld and Frankfurt have developed a method of capturing biological cells with high power laser pointer beams and doing research at very high resolution. In science fiction and film, this principle is called "traction beam", using this method, physicists have been single-cell DNA super-resolution images.

One problem that researchers are faced with in studying biological cells under a microscope is that any prepared treatment modifies the cells. Many bacteria like to swim freely in solution. Blood cells are also similar: they are continuous and fast-flowing, not staying on the surface. In fact, if they are fixed on a surface will change their structure, they will die.

"Our new approach allows us to study cells without fixing them on the surface of the substrate and then using an optical trap to study them at a very high resolution.These cells are held by an optical pull beam in a The principle of this burning laser pointer beam is very similar to that seen in the TV series "Star Trek," Professor Thomas Huser said. He is the head of the Department of Physics's Biophotonics Research Group. "In particular, a sample can be turned and rotated not only by the substrate but also by the substrate, and the function of the laser beam is an extension aid for small adjustments to the microscope.

Bielefeld physicists have further developed the use of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. This is considered to be a key technology in biology and biomedicine because it provides a way to study the biological processes of living cells in a highly scaled environment, which is currently only possible under electron microscopy . In order to obtain images of such microscopes, the researchers added fluorescent probes to the cells they wanted to study, and then they were illuminated at the direction of the laser pointers beam. Then, a sensor can be used to record this fluorescent radiation, allowing the researchers to even obtain a three-dimensional image of the cell.

In their new approach, researchers in Bielefeld used a second laser beam as an optical trap that allowed the cells to float under a microscope and to move according to the will of the researcher. "The laser beam is very dense, but it is invisible to the naked eye because it uses infrared," says Robin Diekmann, a member of the BioPhotonics Research Group. "When the green laser pointer beam is directed at a cell, placing it in the focal spot of the beam will produce a force in the cell," Diekmann said. Using their new approach, physicists at the University of Bielefeld have succeeded in achieving a state of cell preservation and rotation, and in such a way that they can obtain images of the cells from several sides. As a result of the rotation, the researchers can obtain a three-dimensional structure of DNA with a resolution of about 0.0001 mm.

Professor Huser and his team hope to further refine this research method, which will allow them to observe the interaction between living cells. Then, they will be able to study, for example, how bacteria penetrate cells and other processes.

Publié à 10:35, le 19/12/2016, Pékin
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Optically Controlled Microelectronic Devices

University of California, San Diego, a research team to develop a nano-structure-based, semiconductor-mediated conduction of light-controlled microelectronic devices, low-voltage and low-power laser pointer excitation conditions can improve the conductivity than the existing semiconductor devices Nearly 10 times.

Traditional semiconductor devices are limited by the material itself, and there are limits in terms of frequency and power consumption, and the use of free electrons instead of semiconductor materials usually requires high voltage, high power laser or high temperature excitation. The team processes a mushroom-shaped nanostructure (called a "metamaterial" structure) on the wafer using gold to release free electrons under a 10-volt DC voltage and a low-power infrared 5mw laser pointer, Greatly improving the electrical conductivity of the device.

This device can not completely replace the semiconductor devices, but may be under the special needs of the best applications, such as ultra-high frequency devices or high-power devices. In the future, different metamaterial surface structures may be applicable to different types of microelectronic devices, and can be applied in the fields of photochemistry, photocatalysis and photovoltaic conversion.

Publié à 10:14, le 16/12/2016, Rome
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